Since 1987 Proformance Manufacturing, Inc areas of expertise are in precision metal stampings, deep draw parts and machined components and parts. Components formed from flat sheet stock are produced in mechanical and hydraulic presses.

Proformance Manufacturing, Inc. is a service-oriented manufacturer of precision metal components. We offer a multitude of manufacturing methods that are used individually or combined to provide our clients the best options in capability, flexibility, quality and ultimately the most price competitive components producible.


Our full service job shop machining items are produced conventionally, automatically or numerically controlled via computer. These capabilities, combined with a true commitment to service has provided a unique and powerful service to our clients for over 25 successful years. 

PMI specializes in working with all standard materials such as aluminum stamped parts, and stainless steel stampings and places special emphasis on materials that are glass sealing stamping alloys such as Kovar, Iron Nickel Cobalt, 42% Nickel Iron, OFHC Copper, Cupronickel, Monel to name just a few. PMI also provides machining of non-metal components such as PEEK, Teflon and other Our job shop offers a unique blend of capability and expertise in both forming and machining of most materials.


Automotive · Aerospace · Electronics · High voltage electric · Hardware·Oil & gas industrial · Energy · Water purification · Medical · Ceramics· Instrumentation · Recreational · Lighting · Pneumatics/Hydraulics · Commercial ·Microwave transmission · Laser Systems

 on our trucks within 100 mile radius of Corona, Southern California located in Riverside between Los Angeles LA , Orange County OC, & San Diego in USA.  

PARTS DELIVERY AVAILABLE Locally on our trucks.